The ABCs of Milwaukee Dining: An Introduction

“There are three types of friends: those like food, without which you can’t live; those like medicine, which you need occasionally; and those like an illness, which you never want.”

The Weekenders at Firefly Urban Grill + Bar, Wauwatosa

The sage advice captured in the unattributed quote above reveals a universal truth. See those people in the photo to the left, those are my best friends, Shannon, TJ, then me, Michelle, Adam and Cindi. It wouldn’t be true to say that it was food that brought us together, actually it was music. We’ve taken the liberty of un-ironically calling ourselves “The Weekenders,” inspired by a song by a band we’ve seen all over the Midwest, The Hold Steady.

Our passion for live music is only rivaled by our passion for great food and drink. That’s why I wasn’t surprised with the quick assent I received when I shared an idea I heard from a friend at work: Eat at a different restaurant every month, start with a place beginning with ‘A’ and in 26 months, you’ll have enjoyed 26 meals and countless adventures.

Rules: Everyone picks one restaurant each time. We pick the restaurants out of a hat and the final one in the hat is the one we go to. Since five of the six of us share August birthdays, we decided to modify the idea that each person gets an extra entry during their birthday month. Instead, once a year, each person gets an extra entry in whatever month they want.

We are trying to be aware of cost, but other than that, there are no restrictions on the places we can choose, although, geographically, until necessary, we don’t plan on leaving the Milwaukee area. I am so excited to begin this quest and to share it with my best friends!

I hope you will join us on this 2+ year gormandizing journey through my new blog, A Slight Discomfort, which, not coincidentally, is also named after a Hold Steady song.

Here’s to great meals, great beers and great friends!

Enjoy and bon appétit!


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