C is for Comet Cafe

On the snowiest day of winter, our group of food lovers braved the storm to have dinner at Comet Cafe on Farwell Ave. We’d all been to Comet before–Shannon even reviewed their Bloody Mary. I was the one who submitted Comet. I chose it because on my previous visit, I hadn’t realized that Comet specialized in comfort food, and I ordered something fairly typical and unmemorable off the menu.

When I saw Comet on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, with the obnoxious Guy Fieri, I knew I had to go back and do a better job selecting from these carefully made, bacon-rich comfort foods. Specifically, I needed to try the meatloaf, which is wrapped in bacon!

What I do remember about my first time at Comet was the wait for the table. This time, when we arrived, every table was full, despite the deteriorating conditions outside. Shannon and Adam had similar observations about Comet’s aesthetic and clientele, Shannon said:

Comet is like a hipster stratosphere. The vibes, decor and servers scream indie rock, creativity, and witty banter. If the food itself isn’t comforting enough, the “local diner” feel and service should make you feel at home.

Adam said:

They play off of this aesthetic with the cozy diner feel and as many non-prescription eyeglasses, skinny jeans and indoor stocking caps as you can handle.

Home-made Roasted Red Pepper Hummus w/Klamata olives, Pita Bread and assorted veggies...


We actually didn’t have to wait that long for our table. We sat, ordered drinks and a hummus appetizer. We were pleased with the substantial beer selection. I was seated across the table from Michelle and she was looking at me and I was just smiling and I know she was wondering what I was smiling about and the fact was I was just so excited for the night and endlessly happy that we didn’t let the weather ruin it.

I ordered a soup, Maple, bacon squash, which was thick, warm and delicious! The service was mostly prompt and very friendly. After enjoying our appetizer and my soup, we were ready to order.

TJ's Comet Club


TJ said:

I ordered the Comet Club. Ham, turkey, two cheeses, ranch sauce and fries. Very good.

It must be said, the fries are absolutely crisp, fresh and delicious. I tried a couple from everyone’s plate. They weren’t skimpy with them either, as you can see.

Shannon's Turkenstein sandwich

Shannon was a little jealous of TJ’s sandwich, it was her favorite, but she said this about her’s:

I had the Turkenstein sandwich, no cheese or onions with fries. It was really good, as I knew it would be, I’ve had it before. Description: slow-roasted turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and spicy mayo on sourdough toast. It’s a shame cheese and I don’t agree because I can only image how much flavor the pepper-jack cheese would have added.

Thanks to a certain dairy product that was absent here, I tried Shannon’s sandwich and it was excellent!

Cindi's Braised Flank Steak and Quinoa

Cindi loved her meal, and so did everyone else, it was one of the two specials for the night and it tasted incredible. Cindi said:

I had the braised flank steak and quinoa with apples, arugla and pickled onions in a balsamic dressing. I loved my meal and thought the savory steak (which was very tender and flavorful) went very well with the slightly sweet and tangy quinoa. ( I also loved that I found a new way to prepare quinoa). The flavors were very clean and light.

For those who don’t know what quinoa is (like I didn’t), it’s a grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds, it seemed kind of like oats to me.

Michelle and Adam had the Leghorn sandwich

Adam liked his sandwich:

I ordered the Leghorn which is roasted chicken breast, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion & apricot jam on toasted whole wheat. It was good – I’m a sucker for jams on chicken/turkey sandwiches.

Michelle also liked the sandwich, she said:

I ordered the Leghorn sandwich. I loved the sandwich because it isn’t something you usually see.

My Meatloaf wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes...

My immense excitement for the meatloaf quickly gave way to that feeling of being slightly underwhelmed. It wasn’t that the meatloaf was bad, it wasn’t, it was pretty good. Yet, seeing it on television, I just expected it would taste different from mom’s meatloaf. Perhaps this says more about my unrealistic expectations than it does about the actual meal. The brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes were excellent, and the beer gravy that topped everything was rich and savory.

On the way down there, Adam asked what the big deal was about wrapping meatloaf in bacon anyways, his grandma always did that. I guess some of us aren’t as lucky as others. The other special was my favorite, ahi tuna, I think it was a sandwich or something, next time I’ll get that, but I am glad that I tried the meatloaf.

Cindi's Cranberry and Raspberry Pie


Cindi chose pie and it was delicious. Here’s what she said:

I had a slice of cranberry raspberry pie with a cappuccino. The slice of pie was delicious-it was tart like I was hoping for.

Adam had one suggestion:

The only thing I’d have done differently was order ice cream to balance out the tartness (not a knock on it) with some more sweet.

Shannon's Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcake

Meanwhile, Shannon got a cupcake that had the richest, most blessedly sweet banana frosting. She said:

I finished my meal with a banana chocolate chip cupcake The cake was moist and flavorful and the frosting made it a perfect pair.

Cindi said:

I need the recipe for that banana frosting!

We lingered for only a bit, awash in the joy of an excellent meal. The snow had accumulated on the ground, but was mostly absent from the sky. I think we’d all recommend Comet.

Ratings for Comet were, as follows:
Adam: 7
Cindi: 7
Michelle: 7
Nick: 6.5
Shannon: 7
TJ: 7.5

Comet Cafe cumulative rating: 7

Adam says it well:

They advertise the made-from-scratch food and deliver. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to friends.

TJ sums the whole Comet experience up nicely:

Comet doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. It has really good comfort food, a great beer selection and, overall, is comfortable place. There is a reason you always wait for a table.

Well, a reason other than the fact that they don’t take reservations.

Landmark Lanes--A Throwback

Nightcap: Landmark Lanes

There is no better way to cap an excellent night of eating and drinking in Wisconsin than heading the the bowling alley. Landmark Lanes, also on Farwell, is a throwback and retro in every sense. We enjoyed several games of bowling, a pitcher of White Russians and some PBR.

Nerd Alert: TJ brought his own bowling ball.

Bowling fun...

We all bowled a game and then Michelle and TJ destroyed Adam and I in a head-to-head game. Adam and I kept trying to beat TJ, but it didn’t happen.

Landmark has two substantially-sized bars as well as a arcade and games area (where a number of the games were broke).

Balls were rolled, beers were drank, laughs were had and we hadn’t let a little weather destroy our plans!

It was beautiful!

Visit Comet Cafe online at www.thecometcafe.com

Visit Landmark Lanes online at www.landmarklanes.com

You may have noticed that the photos in this entry were much higher quality. That is courtesy of TJ UTTKE PHOTOGRAPHY–check his work out!

Losing nominations for ‘C’ were Cempazuchi (Adam and Shannon), Crazy Water (Cindi and Michelle) and Club Charlie’s (TJ).

AJ Bombers: 6.8
Beta by Sabor: 7.9
Comet Cafe: 7


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