D is for Distil

My favorite restaurant on Milwaukee Street is Cubanitas. Its crazy that in the numerous times that I’ve been there, I’ve never noticed Distil, a mere two doors down. Distil was selected by both Adam and Michelle, though it was Michelle’s submission that secured the first trip there for most of us (TJ had been).

I instantly felt comfortable at Distil; the lighting is low and the ambiance elegant but somewhat nondescript. The restaurant was relatively busy when we arrived–8:45 p.m. on a Friday night–but we didn’t have a problem finding seats at the bar and getting expedient service from the bartender, who was knowledgeable and helpful. Cindi appreciated the care put into the cocktails, she said:

The bartender whipped me up a delicious cucumber ginger and mint cocktail at a very reasonable price. I give extra credit to any bar that muddles a non-alcoholic drink for a pregnant lady with as much care as their signature cocktails.

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