E is for Eatery on Farwell

Summer is just around the corner. Right now, I’ve been basking in the beauty of this spring. While it seems like fall gets most press when it comes to changing of seasons (and what a depressing change it is …), spring is also a time of change.

And while we are all experiencing the physical manifestations of spring (better weather, more sun, etc.), our little group of diners are experiencing personal springs as well. These exciting developments–TJ and Shannon with their varied artistic endeavors, TJ’s new house, Michelle and I with our wedding and house hunt, and Adam and Cindi with beautiful, sleepy Marilyn–make it harder for us to find weekends that work for the “ABCs of Milwaukee Dining.”

So for the first time as part of this quest, we headed out to dinner on a weekday. A Monday to be exact. While part of me regretted not being able to experience an open-ended night of food, fun and drinks, I was glad that this quest could transform an ordinary weeknight it something more. Read More