I is for Irie Palace

Irie is a Jamaican word commonly used by Rastafarians that means “the state of feeling great–like paradise or nirvana.”

Often, I fear trying new things, but one of the points of this quest is to get out of my comfort zone. I think, for several of us, a Jamaican restaurant on the Northwest-side of Milwaukee, pushed us a bit. In fact, this was our first time out of the little downtown bubble we had established for ourselves.

So with that in mind, we traveled nearby 76th and Appleton and pulled up to Irie Palace, which is hard to miss. Large, bright blue and red panels span the front of the restaurant, located in a strip mall that also features an Asian grocery store, a Chinese carryout place and a nail salon. Read More


H is for Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub

The definition of hinterland is the area surrounding a city. For our group of diners, though, our next restaurant, Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub, was right in heart of the Third Ward, an area where we’d enjoyed our last dinner together.

Hinterland is a brewing company from Green Bay, Wis. This was their second foray into the restaurant business–they also operate Hinterland Green Bay, another fine dining establishment. I’d tried and enjoyed their Pale Ale before, and was excited to find out what the food was like at a gastropub, which is why I chose Hinterland. (I won again!)

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