K is for Kyoto

When people harangue me for my notorious pickiness when it comes to food, I always cite sushi as my lead counterpoint. Sushi isn’t for everyone, but I love it!

So it is amazing that, for several years, I’ve possessed the knowledge that all-you-can-eat (AYCE–thanks Cindi) sushi is available in our area but I haven’t given it a try. Thanks to Adam selecting Kyoto and winning during this quest, that was about to change.

On a chilly Monday evening we ventured out of Milwaukee for the first time during this quest. Kyoto, like many sushi places for whatever reason, is located in a strip mall–known to no one as Woodland Court. (Does anyone ever know the names of strip malls?) This one, on the southeast corner of the intersection of 76th and Layton in Greenfield, is bookended randomly by a jewelry shop and an employment services provider. Read More


J is for Jow Nai Fouquet

On a chilly, rainy Thursday night, we ventured out to our second ethnic restaurant and second Cindi pick in a row, Thai place, Jow Nai Fouquet.

The place has only been open for a year and none of us had been there before, but we were back in familiar territory, on Farwell, between two of our other stops, Eatery on Farwell and Comet Cafe. Several of us had never even been to a Thai place before, so we were all curious about what Jai Now Fouquet would have to offer.

They do not take reservations and we were lucky to arrive when we did. Read More