R is for Rumpus Room



At the beginning of July, the seven of us–plus our friend Ryan–enjoyed six sun-soaked days at an all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen.

All-inclusive resorts are amazing, but after about 3 or 4 days of eating food prepared in the same kitchen and drinking every drink you can think of, you start to long for food from a different kitchen, flavors from home.

So it was ironic that our ABCs of Milwaukee Dining choice for “R” about two weeks after returning from the sandy shores of Mexico was Rumpus Room–a gastropub owned by the Bartolotta Restaurant Group which, according to TJ, has a “Wisconsin” menu (I would concur). He and Shannon were the only two in our party who had been there, and this was Shannon’s selection (and Cindi’s). Read More


SPECIAL EDITION: Wisconsin State Fair Dining


“In my opinion, the more indulgent the fair food, the better.” -Michelle

On an overcast Sunday, the last day of the Wisconsin State Fair, nine of us gathered to indulge in decadent fried goodness and other foodstuffs. It was Shannon’s idea to do a special edition of the ABCs of Milwaukee Dining at the Wisconsin State Fair. The usual crew was there–including Marilyn and Mike–and we were joined by Brendan and Clare, two friends who have relocated to Chicago and who’d come home to partake in this Wisconsin tradition.

All nine of us ordered an item and then, after the Fair, we ranked the items in the order we would eat them. Since there were nine of us (and Marilyn, who wouldn’t share her Cheerios for the contest), we were all full by the end of this quest. Read More

Remembering the Alamo: Dispatches from San Antonio


A convention brought me and a group from my work to San Antonio at the beginning of July. We spent our days working hard and our nights exploring our nation’s 7th most populous city.

What follows is not a travel diary, per se.


The Alamo

On a blisteringly hot Texas afternoon, hundreds amassed outside a mission-turned-fortress. They wanted blood.

Unlike a three-week stretch in 1836, these individuals would not get their wish. They were boxing fans and they were outside The Alamo hoping to catch a glimpse of Floyd Mayweather, arguably the most-famous, most-talented boxer in the world. He would be there for a press conference with his opponent in an upcoming fight.

Dan, Megan and I were just there to lay our eyes on a piece of American history. Read More