Beer Me MKE: Milwaukee’s Best Craft Breweries


Michelle and I at Central Waters Brewing Co.’s Black Gold release in 2015.

Beer Me MKE is my quest to rank all of Milwaukee’s Craft Breweries.

What makes me an expert, you ask? I’m not! These reviews are my subjective opinions based on my visits to the breweries. In some cases, I haven’t been to these places in over a year. They may have improved dramatically, or they may have gotten even worse. I don’t know.

But my wife, Michelle, and I make it a point to visit as many breweries we can when we are traveling and are thrilled with Milwaukee’s recent craft beer explosion.

And I’m the guy whose family, friends and co-workers always ask which brewery they should go to or where they should bring out-of-towners. These people know I’m obsessive and that I love beer.

So here’s my list of Milwaukee’s craft breweries from best to worst. Click each link to read my detailed review and feel free to make a comment if you agree or disagree.

Ultimately, there is so little time and so much good beer! If this points one more person towards a great pint–it’s worth it!

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For the purpose of this project, breweries are given ratings in four areas: Beer (10 points); Space (5 points); Extras (5 points) and My Wife’s Rating (5 points). In the event of a tie, I just decided which brewery I liked more.

Beer Me MKE is Nicholas’ quest to rank all Milwaukee-area breweries. Nicholas is a craft beer nerd and sometimes home brewer who loves bourbon barrel stouts, citra-hopped IPAs and fruited sours. His favorite Wisconsin brewery is Central Waters and he is really excited about Milwaukee’s craft beer explosion. He brings an extra suitcase with him when he travels to bring home beer. Find him on Untappd at NicholasOfMKE.

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