Beaches, Boats and Beer: Finding Pure Michigan


For months, a vacation destination that we could agree on eluded us.

Then it came to me … almost too close to have been previously considered …


Michelle had never been, but I didn’t have to convince her. Tim Allen had been working on it for years in those saccharine Pure Michigan commercials. The ones where he earnestly paints a picture of natural beauty, relaxation and fun that was impossible for Michelle to resist.

I’d been to Michigan on vacation when I was little, and several times for work, but I’d never explored the western side of the state or visited the state’s world class breweries. There was even a Pure Michigan commercial about Michigan’s craft beer scene. Read More


Wandering Chicago: A Trip to The White City, Goose Island & The Squared Circle


Michelle and I hopped the 6:05 Metra train from Kenosha pointed at Ogilvie Transportation Center in downtown Chicago. She was headed to a conference and I was planned on wandering the city on a beautiful, warm spring day … one of the first of the year.

What followed was an adventure in miniature. I traversed Chicago on foot and via bus, train and subway … all between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Read More

An Arizona Getaway: Escaping Winter with Family



My parents always knew any hotel they took my brother and I to stay in needed to have a pool. It is still one of the first things I look for when I am traveling for work or for pleasure.

As kids, Nate and I would arrive in the pool area and dive in as quickly as possible. We’d alternate swiftly between the warmth of the hot tub and the cool depth of the pool, not stopping to contemplate the slight discomfort of that drastic temperature change. We were kids.

Last month, I sat in another hot tub perched just above a pristine pool beneath an American Southwest-sky full of stars. That week, in Wisconsin, the first snowfall of the season arrived. Read More

Remembering the Alamo: Dispatches from San Antonio


A convention brought me and a group from my work to San Antonio at the beginning of July. We spent our days working hard and our nights exploring our nation’s 7th most populous city.

What follows is not a travel diary, per se.


The Alamo

On a blisteringly hot Texas afternoon, hundreds amassed outside a mission-turned-fortress. They wanted blood.

Unlike a three-week stretch in 1836, these individuals would not get their wish. They were boxing fans and they were outside The Alamo hoping to catch a glimpse of Floyd Mayweather, arguably the most-famous, most-talented boxer in the world. He would be there for a press conference with his opponent in an upcoming fight.

Dan, Megan and I were just there to lay our eyes on a piece of American history. Read More