An Admirals Afternoon or Everything I Know About Hockey I Learned From ‘Mighty Ducks’

I was sitting home watching television last Saturday night, periodically checking twitter, when I saw someone retweet something about Mick Foley being at the Admirals game the following afternoon. Some quick internet research showed it was true.

Mick Foley is my all-time favorite professional wrestler. One of the reasons I liked him so much is that he wrote an autobiography (almost all wrestlers use ghostwriters) which was engaging, enjoyable and endearing. Later, he several more autobiographies and then two fiction books that I really enjoyed.

The previous opportunity I had to meet him, I chose to pass on to go to a work event. Now, for the mere price of an Admirals ticket, I’d get to have that interaction and tell a hero of mine that I enjoyed his writing (I’m not much of a wrestling fan anymore). I texted Michelle and she was game, like she is for nearly any adventure. Read More


The Lambeau Letdown: In the Crowd for Packers v. Giants

It has been 15 years since I saw my first and only NFL Playoff game. On January 4, 1997, the Packers, on their way to a victory in Super Bowl XXXI, took on the San Francisco 49ers on a chilly, rainy afternoon.

I remember only a few things from that game; Desmond Howard’s scintillating punt return for a touchdown; the fact that the 49ers quarterback was inexplicably named Elvis; Reggie White running around the field postgame urging the crowd to cheer louder for the victorious Green Bay Packers; and the mud. Mostly, I remember the mud; it covered the players’ jerseys, caked on their helmets and allowed them to slide across the field, carried on by their forward momentum, when they were tackled or knocked down.

Which brings me to this past Sunday; what will I remember about this game 15 years from now? There was no electrifying, Howard-esque touchdown, no exhilarating post win celebration. No strangely named quarterback or weather-related anecdotes, it was just a cold, winter Sunday at Lambeau.

So, I think what I’ll remember is the people who shared the stadium with me. The fans. And I wish I could say that was a good thing… Read More