Playboys at the Playhouse: A Winter Evening Downtown


It was with the belief that a well-rounded man attends both sporting events and theater that initially prompted me to join my friend Matt in ordering season tickets to the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, also known as The Rep.

I’ve certainly attended my fair share of sporting events, and in the last six seasons, I’ve come to really enjoy being a season ticket holder at The Rep. Now, five times a year, me and my group of friends–Matt dubbed us Playboys at the Playhouse–are drawn Downtown to be transported somewhere else entirely – sometimes 1960s America amid racial upheaval, sometimes its pre-Industrial Revolution England. Sometimes it’s to Green Bay to see the story of the Packers’ most legendary coach, other times it’s ancient Greece to hear a gladiator wax poetic about the Trojan War.

No matter where we’re going, I always look forward to it. Read More


M is for Meritage



Cindi described her aspirations for Meritage, and expensive meals in general, in what will heretofore be known as “The Cindi Principle”:

When I spend a lot of money at a restaurant, I want to feel like I would be satisfied if it were my last meal. It’s dramatic but its the truth.

It’s a tremendous point and, as I reviewed the online menu for Meritage (Cindi’s pick), I hoped it would live up to The Cindi Principle. The girls decided that we would dress up for our dinner at this American fine-dining establishment.

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Chilling at the 7th Annual Milwaukee Chili Bowl



If you’re like me, you love chili.

And if you love chili, then the Milwaukee Chili Bowl should be your mecca. 40+ area restaurants putting their best bowl forward in the effort to secure the prestigious Golden Ladle award.

On the last Sunday in January (the Chili Bowl is always the Sunday before Super Bowl Sunday), Michelle and I headed to Potawatomi for the event, to a giant ballroom I’d never been in before. Tickets for the event were $15 per person. I lucked out and won my tickets from @MKEfoodies! Each ticket grants admission, tickets for eight samples and a ballot for best chili. Thankfully, I knew from prior experience that this meant you had to study the chili offerings wisely (I like to pick a mix of traditional and unique) and that you would go home full. Read More

We Went to Cooking Class: Sur la Table’s Asian Noodle Favorites



“Recipes are meant to be changed.” -Chef Nick

I can’t think of a more perfect gift for a newlywed couple than a cooking class.

Michelle’s Aunt Judy was wise enough to give us just that for Christmas. Sur La Table, a kitchenware retailer launched in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in the 1970s, opened a location at Bayshore Town Center in May of 2011. In addition to every odd and end you could imagine for your kitchen, Sur La Table offers a diverse classes from various cuisines and styles.

Though I try to keep abreast of things going on in Milwaukee, I have to admit I’d never heard of Sur La Table before. We chose “Asian Noodle Favorites.” We are both fans of asian cuisine, and, I don’t know if people know this but I don’t like cheese, and we were sure there wouldn’t be any in this class. Read More

A is for AJ Bombers

Since opening around two years ago, AJ Bombers has established itself as one of the key stops for burger lovers in Milwaukee. I’ve heard some people suggest that this has more to do with their social media prowess than their food, but to those people, I simply say this… try a burger.

It is ironic that AJ Bombers is located in the same building that previously housed The Corner bar (Water and Knapp), which was closed after receiving one too many violations for exceeding capacity. When we arrived at AJ Bombers (Michelle’s nomination) on Friday night at around 7:45, it was packed, but we were seated quickly.

Most of our party had dined at AJ Bombers before (some of us with more success than others) and were excited to try some new things. The drink fare is pretty standard, but I tried Shannon’s Bloody Mary (it had a cheeseburger in it) and it was pretty tasty, you can read a review of that by going to Bloody Marys of Milwaukee. I had a Lakefront IPA, which is my typical standby, but also an absolutely great IPA. Read More