We Kayaked the Milwaukee River: An Afternoon with Milwaukee Kayak Co.



Shortly after Michelle and I met, while talking on the phone, we discovered we had the same birthday. At the time, this little fact seemed charmed–a reason to keep talking despite the distance between us and the longshot prospects for a relationship.

Ten years on, that charming fact–August 3 being our shared birthday, I’m three years older–seems like more like a burden to bear. We always struggle to determine where¬†to go and what to do.

As this past birthday approached, I decided to be proactive. I wanted to do something fun and memorable. I’d seen images on social media of people kayaking the Milwaukee River and I thought, if we were able to stay upright, it would be the perfect way to spend our day and take in a unique view of our city. Read More


That’s Local Flavor: Open House at the Milwaukee Brewing Co.


In 2006, Clear Channel, a communications company, sponsored an event at the Milwaukee Art Museum that instantly became local lore. It was called Martinifest. All-you-can-drink martinis, only $30.

The results, even if you don’t recall the story, were predictable. In our most culturally important building, people were, according to news reports, “punching paintings, climbing on sculptures, vomiting everywhere, and then passing out.”

There will never be another Martinifest at the Milwaukee Art Museum. But if you are looking for the closest facsimile, albeit, one with a few smart substitutions–beer instead of martinis and a crowded Walker’s Point warehouse instead of the world-renowned Calatrava-designed wing–let me tell you about Milwaukee Brewing Co.’s Saturday Open House.

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