Y is for Yen Ching



Whenever we select a restaurant I’ve never been to, I am eager to go online and see the reviews.

Thanks to Michelle’s winning entry of Yen Ching (Adam also picked it), I found mixed results of a curious, unsurprising variety. I saw claims that Yen Ching is the best Chinese in Milwaukee. I saw that Yen Ching was featured on Dirty Dining.

I was eager to form my own opinion, so on a sunny Friday evening in early June, we made the half-hour trek from Bay View to Brown Deer and pulled up in front of a restaurant festooned with life-size golden lions, red siding, green shingles and large Chinese characters.

The interior carried the theme further. The large dining space was decorated with items meant to evoke ancient China, and they looked like they had been in place for about as long. Adam said:

I loved the gold Buddha statue and paper-style lantern light fixtures.

The mostly windowless dining area was maybe a third full on a Friday night–no reservations necessary. Although, Cindi notes: “I noticed a lot of people picking up their take-out.” Read More


C is for Comet Cafe

On the snowiest day of winter, our group of food lovers braved the storm to have dinner at Comet Cafe on Farwell Ave. We’d all been to Comet before–Shannon even reviewed their Bloody Mary. I was the one who submitted Comet. I chose it because on my previous visit, I hadn’t realized that Comet specialized in comfort food, and I ordered something fairly typical and unmemorable off the menu.

When I saw Comet on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, with the obnoxious Guy Fieri, I knew I had to go back and do a better job selecting from these carefully made, bacon-rich comfort foods. Specifically, I needed to try the meatloaf, which is wrapped in bacon! Read More