Painting & Drinking: An Evening at Milwaukee’s Splash Studios



The last time I put a brush to canvas was college. In my art class, I could never get anything to look how I wanted it. It was always frustrating.

Thanks to Splash Studio, in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward, I now know that one element could have turneded those futile attempts at art into carefree fun … alcohol. Read More


Touring New Glarus & Tyranena: A Wisconsin Brewery Road Trip Pictorial

New Glarus Brewing Co.'s outdoor tasting space

New Glarus Brewing Co.’s outdoor tasting space

Having spent the last few weekends working around our house, Michelle suggested that we get out of Milwaukee this past Saturday. Having a keen sense of my emerging love of craft beer, she suggested we go to New Glarus Brewing Co., of New Glarus, Wis., a short two-hour car ride away.

A bit of research revealed that we could also enjoy a tour at Tyranena Brewing Co., of Lake Mills, Wis. I had drank beers from both brewers, but didn’t regularly purchase any–save for New Glarus’ new “Serendipity,’ a fruit ale that is effervescent and tasteful.

Nevertheless, there isn’t a better way to get turned on to interesting brews than heading to the place they are made. Read More

L is for Louise’s Trattoria


Reflecting on the year that was, the first of this quest, it seems we fulfilled all of the hopes we began with. We enjoyed great meals (and a few okay ones). Great conversations. Great beer. We’ve gathered for dinner less than a week before Cindi and Adam brought their beautiful baby into the world. We had dinner shortly before Michelle and I got married. There were new homes, new jobs, travel, photography awards–we saw so much in a wonderful 2012.

The ABCs of Milwaukee Dining was a excellent excuse to gather and discuss these things over dinner and drinks.

So it was fitting that we got together one last time in 2012, only days before a brand new year. We headed to Cathedral Square–home of Whiskey Bar (yuck)–to give the downtown location of Louise’s a try. It was my pick (Shannon chose it too) and I had never been there before, though Michelle insists that she tried to get me to go to the Brookfield location on numerous occasions, which I do not recall. Half of us had been there before, and Adam didn’t hide that he hadn’t been a huge fan in the past, though he was determined to give the place a fair shake. Read More

G is for Ginger

The worst part about the Ginger experience happens before you even get there. Settled on a busy section of 2nd Street in Walker’s Point, Ginger is hell to park at. Michelle and I drove in circles two or three times before I eventually pulled into a spot that someone was leaving from.

Once we sat down at the bar though, the experience improved drastically. Ginger’s decor is stylish; all earth tones and soft light, with floor-to-ceiling windows opening onto 2nd. We arrived before everyone and sat at the bar for a drink. The bartender was friendly. The beer selection is suitable.

The main room was mostly empty, although the outdoor seating behind Ginger was nearly full. We decided to stay inside to take in the atmosphere. As the others arrived, we began getting excited for our second tapas experience for ABCs of Milwaukee Dining. I was excited, after all, this one was my pick (though TJ and Michelle also submitted it) and, though it has been open for parts of three years, none of us had been there before. Read More

A is for AJ Bombers

Since opening around two years ago, AJ Bombers has established itself as one of the key stops for burger lovers in Milwaukee. I’ve heard some people suggest that this has more to do with their social media prowess than their food, but to those people, I simply say this… try a burger.

It is ironic that AJ Bombers is located in the same building that previously housed The Corner bar (Water and Knapp), which was closed after receiving one too many violations for exceeding capacity. When we arrived at AJ Bombers (Michelle’s nomination) on Friday night at around 7:45, it was packed, but we were seated quickly.

Most of our party had dined at AJ Bombers before (some of us with more success than others) and were excited to try some new things. The drink fare is pretty standard, but I tried Shannon’s Bloody Mary (it had a cheeseburger in it) and it was pretty tasty, you can read a review of that by going to Bloody Marys of Milwaukee. I had a Lakefront IPA, which is my typical standby, but also an absolutely great IPA. Read More