Celebrating Ray and Jack: Reflecting on the Twins’ First Year

I don’t know how I managed to fall asleep the night before the babies came, but somehow I did. At least for a little while.

At 5 a.m., we got in our car for the drive to Kenosha. The normalcy of the drive was surreal—our favorite songs playing on the stereo, me in the driver’s seat, a big cup of hot coffee in my hand, and Michelle riding shotgun. However, the situation was decidedly not normal—the next time we were in the car together, God willing, our twin boys would be in the backseat.

In our hospital room, a calm, efficient nurse went about her business asking questions, getting signatures on forms and attaching all kinds of tubes and medical equipment to Michelle as she lay in the hospital bed. I paced the room – drinking coffee at a rapid pace – occasionally sitting, with my emotions swirling—a frenetic mashup of excitement, fear and uncertainty.

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Twin B: The Start of the Adventure of Our Lives

August 22, 2017, the day our lives would change forever, was a Tuesday.

We knew Michelle was pregnant and we were anxious and eager for our first appointment—the official start of this journey.

I arrived at the hospital and met Michelle. As we sat in the waiting room, I fidgeted and bit my nails, nerves washing over me, wave after wave. Our first appointment that day was supposed to be with our doctor, but as these things go, she was in a delivery and was unable to meet with us.

Still, we met with the nurse to complete a lot of those first appointment items that were all new to me. One of those items was the attempt to hear heart tones on the fetal Doppler. Our nurse had trouble finding anything … as she moved the implement, we just heard static. She left, and my nervousness grew.

Shortly, she returned with another nurse who she said was better at finding heart tones at this stage. That nurse located a heart tone rather quickly and the second I heard it, my eyes welled up and I looked at Michelle and saw tears in her eyes. Read More

The Adventures of Ralphie


We’ve had Ralphie for more than three years now! It seems like time has gone by so fast, in addition to all the joy and love he has brought us, he has also made us laugh … a lot.

The ad for Ralphie said, in part, “I’m Ralphie and I am the best EVER!! … All in all, I am a sweet and happy boy waiting for some friends to play with.”

He has truly lived up to that, and more. Michelle and I can attest, he is the best ever, and we are so lucky to be his friends.

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Playboys at the Playhouse: A Winter Evening Downtown


It was with the belief that a well-rounded man attends both sporting events and theater that initially prompted me to join my friend Matt in ordering season tickets to the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, also known as The Rep.

I’ve certainly attended my fair share of sporting events, and in the last six seasons, I’ve come to really enjoy being a season ticket holder at The Rep. Now, five times a year, me and my group of friends–Matt dubbed us Playboys at the Playhouse–are drawn Downtown to be transported somewhere else entirely – sometimes 1960s America amid racial upheaval, sometimes its pre-Industrial Revolution England. Sometimes it’s to Green Bay to see the story of the Packers’ most legendary coach, other times it’s ancient Greece to hear a gladiator wax poetic about the Trojan War.

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ABCs of Milwaukee Dining: A Conclusion

Late 2011 at Firefly Urban Grill + Bar, Wauwatosa

Late 2011 at Firefly Urban Grill + Bar, Wauwatosa


“For a moment … we’re all immortal. Time stretches out forever. There’s a moment like that in every meal. If you pay attention it’s there … where oblivion is replaced with infinity … and then, the check comes.” -Aaron Wolfe from “Ruthy’s Dinner” at The Moth.

It has been eight months since our ABCs of Milwaukee Dining quest ended. Eight months where I’ve tried to figure how to sum up a two-year quest with my best friends. This is the best I could do.

Looking back, it is astounding to see all the things that have changed in the two years of our ABCs of Milwaukee Dining quest. Adam, Cindi, Shannon, TJ, Michelle and I have experienced two marriages and two babies. New houses. A new dog. New jobs. New friends. Vacations. And other things too. Read More

Beaches, Boats and Beer: Finding Pure Michigan


For months, a vacation destination that we could agree on eluded us.

Then it came to me … almost too close to have been previously considered …


Michelle had never been, but I didn’t have to convince her. Tim Allen had been working on it for years in those saccharine Pure Michigan commercials. The ones where he earnestly paints a picture of natural beauty, relaxation and fun that was impossible for Michelle to resist.

I’d been to Michigan on vacation when I was little, and several times for work, but I’d never explored the western side of the state or visited the state’s world class breweries. There was even a Pure Michigan commercial about Michigan’s craft beer scene. Read More

My Year in Concerts: 2013 & 2014

Craig Finn, lead singer of The Hold Steady and rock 'n roll prophet, soaks in the love on July 3, 2014, at Summerfest.

Craig Finn, lead singer of The Hold Steady and rock ‘n roll prophet, soaks in the Summerfest love in 2014.

We saw some great concerts in 2011 and 2012! So only seeing five shows in 2013 was a let down.

Nevertheless, when I put the last two years together, we saw some great concerts and although I don’t get to shows as often as I used to, I can’t think of many places I’d rather be than amidst other music lovers, beer in my hand and the music of a band I love making a moment into magic. Read More