Touring Ale Asylum and Capital: A Madison Brewery Pictorial


As anyone who knows me can attest, I can get pretty obsessed with things. My latest obsession is beer.

Whether it is brewing it myself, going to open houses or taking day trips to area breweries, I can’t get enough.

Luckily, Michelle was just as eager to get out of town this past Sunday–a beautiful, roll-your-windows-down kinda day–and we decided to head to two breweries that we were pretty unfamiliar with; Ale Asylum and Capital. Read More


O is for Odd Duck

Odd Duck-21


Less than three miles from our Town of Lake homes, in a non-descirpt single story building across from a 1950s antique shop and a couple buildings down from a comic book store, is one of Milwaukee’s most buzzed about new restaurants, Odd Duck.

Which is why it was no surprise at our last dinner when six entries were put into the hat and they all read ‘Odd Duck’ (although two had drawings of ducks on them–good work TJ and Cindi). It was TJ’s entry that was selected, which is appropriate since he and Shannon are the only two who have been there and have sung loudly the praises of this small plate (tapas) establishment.

On a cool March Monday, the seven of us (including Marilyn) made the short drive. Even on a Monday, reservations are strongly recommended (Shannon notes– If you don’t know you’re going well in advance, call in an hour before hand and put your name on the list.) and when we arrived, the room was bustling. Read More