An Admirals Afternoon or Everything I Know About Hockey I Learned From ‘Mighty Ducks’

I was sitting home watching television last Saturday night, periodically checking twitter, when I saw someone retweet something about Mick Foley being at the Admirals game the following afternoon. Some quick internet research showed it was true.

Mick Foley is my all-time favorite professional wrestler. One of the reasons I liked him so much is that he wrote an autobiography (almost all wrestlers use ghostwriters) which was engaging, enjoyable and endearing. Later, he several more autobiographies and then two fiction books that I really enjoyed.

The previous opportunity I had to meet him, I chose to pass on to go to a work event. Now, for the mere price of an Admirals ticket, I’d get to have that interaction and tell a hero of mine that I enjoyed his writing (I’m not much of a wrestling fan anymore). I texted Michelle and she was game, like she is for nearly any adventure. Read More


B is for Beta by Sabor

Unlike our first adventure at AJ Bombers, not one of us had been to Beta by Sabor, so we were all excited to try something new. I think we all went to the menu in the days prior to our dinner, and we all had our eyes on certain dishes.

Beta by Sabor is located at the same location as Sabor, on Water Street, between Wells and Mason. Unlike Sabor, which traffics in meat and lots of it, Beta limits its selections to small plates, made for sharing. Dinners like this are perfect for a group of friends looking to go out, have a fun time and experience a cacophony of tastes and flavors. Adam says it best:

The dynamic of passing around plates of food that other people chose encourages conversation and trying new things that you might never try yourself.

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Officiating Zak and Kristi’s Big Day

Kristi & Zak's big moment...

Two summers ago, when I officiated the wedding of my friends AJ and Sarah, I assumed it would be a one-time thing. Though I didn’t know what I was doing and feared that I’d mess everything up, ultimately, I think it went pretty well. Besides forgetting to tell the crowd to be seated, I did good. Michelle even overheard someone say, “Wow, that is a young pastor.”

I received my ordination from the Universal Life Church. I always end up telling people that this aspect of officiating a wedding, the actual ordination, is very uninteresting. All I did was give my name, address and credit card number. I keep my card in my wallet as a conversation piece, but I never I’d use it again.

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