ABCs of Milwaukee Dining


ABCs of Milwaukee Dining is a gluttonous quest to dine at 26 Milwaukee-area restaurants–one that begins with each letter of the alphabet–over the course of 2+ years. The quest began in January 2012.

There are six regular members of the group and a rotating cast of friends who show up throughout the journey. At each dinner, everyone selects a restaurant for the next letter and writes it on a scrap of paper. The final scrap determines our next destination.

Following the dinner, everyone writes a short review and assigns the restaurant a rating from 1 (I’ll never be back) to 10 (I want to go back tomorrow).

The only real rule is that the restaurant needs to have less than three locations in order to be selected–yes, it was important for us to support local businesses on this quest.

Here’s to great meals, great beers and great friends!


Introduction to the ABCs of Milwaukee Dining
AJ Bombers: 6.8
Beta by Sabor (CLOSED): 7.9
Comet Cafe: 7
Distil: 5.8
Eatery on Farwell (CLOSED): 6.2
Fajitas Grill (RELOCATED): 5.3
Ginger: (CLOSED) 7.4
Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub: 7.5
Irie Palace: 6.2
Jow Nai Fouquet: 6.9
Kyoto: 6.3
Louise’s Trattoria: 5.2
Meritage: (CLOSED) 6.5
Newsroom Pub: 5.4
Odd Duck: 8.2
Pizza Shuttle: 5.2
Quivey’s Grove: 6.9
Rumpus Room: 7.2
Seoul Korean Restaurant: 4.7
Tenuta’s Italian Restaurant: 7.9
Union House: 8.1
VIA Downer (CLOSED): 6.8
Wolf Peach: 7.7
X- Harbor House*: 6.3
Yen Ching: 6.9
Zaffiro’s Pizza: 5.3
ABCs of Milwaukee Dining: A Conclusion

*Since there are no ‘X’ restaurants in the Milwaukee-area, we opted to choose a wildcard for this letter.

Special Edition
Wisconsin State Fair Dining


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